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The firm’s business practice department has experienced attorneys who assist clients in many different business transactional matters.

Attorneys from the firm’s business department recently worked with clients engaged in the retail sale of golf and recreational equipment to expand their business operations through the acquisition of additional business operations in the same field. The firm’s lawyers assisted the clients in the review of the operational parameters of the businesses being purchased and then worked closely with the clients in the preparation of the offer to purchase. Once the terms and conditions of the purchase were resolved through a series of negotiations, our lawyers drafted the business purchase agreements, including coordination with the clients’ separate tax advisors regarding the individual impact and implications of the purchase.

Wesierski & Zurek LLP’s attorneys have also assisted clients involved in the acquisition of their manufacturing business by an international conglomerate centered in Canada. The matter covered negotiations over several months with other law firms located across the United States. The complex transaction culminated in the satisfaction of the firm’s clients and included substantial individual pecuniary benefits for the clients, together with continuing employment opportunities with the acquired company.

The firm’s business department has also recently been engaged in the purchase and sale of local businesses involved in the surf wear and recreational sales industry. To assist our clients, Wesierski & Zurek LLP’s lawyers have drafted applicable Letters of Intent (both binding and non-binding), engaged in due diligence reviews with our clients, and negotiated and drafted the resulting business purchase agreements.

Attorneys from the firm’s business department have also recently been called upon to review and re-negotiate master services agreements between the firm’s clients and an international services company. The negotiations involved the difficult undertaking of having to negotiate from the standard form contract utilized by such international businesses against the backdrop of the particularized needs and interests of the local client’s business. Persistence can often result in favorable results instead of the “take it or leave it” appearance of many such standard agreements.


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